Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Final Week of 2012: Photos

What a week! Our days have been full of Christmas, Little K coming home, getting ready for school to start up again, and having two extra children in the house.

Yes, 2012 certainly ended differently than we expected. The boys ended up staying with us for an extra week. R had the talk with SSA and it went rather well. We saw (read: wept through) Les Miz. And, oh yeah! decided to try to have a baby this Spring. (OMG, I still have no idea how that came about...)

I hope you had fun last night, however you chose to ring in 2013. My prayer for you (yes, YOU!) in 2013 is to be filled with God's peace, to experience His hope and love, and to receive the desires of your heart. Happy New Year!

Little K was bestowed Bruiser, the Family Bear. Given to my youngest uncle by my paternal grandmother before she passed. We are so glad to have him at our home!
I found this sign wandering an antique shop and texted it to R the day before Christmas. And now we're in agreement to try for another child. Coincidence???

The three boys in the finished beard hats. From left: RJR, R, SSA.

Can you tell we have an actress on our hands? Little K in full Merida costume. Thank you, Uncle C!

My new bike! I am SO excited to take this hotness for a spin!


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