Monday, January 14, 2013

A Big Day

Today, I head to the clinic to pick up my trigger. Granted, we won't be using it until the next cycle, which should be starting up this time next month, but it feels huge. And a big box of OPKs will deliver this week. I still can't believe we're actually doing this...

Little K is getting her ears pierced this afternoon. She has been asking for about two years and we finally made an appointment with her Ped to get it done. She is mostly excited, although a little worried about the pain. I told her it's no worse than a flu shot, which she responded to by saying that her flu shot didn't hurt at all. Here's hoping she can keep that bravery going! Oh, and she currently has laryngitis. Ich.

Today is also a big day for RJR. He had some tests run over the weekend, including a CT. The CT did not show anything that could be causing RJR's bleeding but did show that one set of lymph nodes (near the bleeding) is enlarged. Blood tests show his white blood cell count is normal. He has some procedures today. We will get the results of the weekend tests on Tuesday and a 'scope later in the week. RJR's holding up great, not in the least bit phased by all of this. After all, he's 16, active, healthy... Nothing can hurt him, at least that's what he thinks. I hope that's true. I'm praying that it's something relatively simple, like a small laceration/fissure or a gluten allergy.

Continuing prayers for RJR are appreciated.

What a way to start the week!


  1. Prayers for RJR. Hoping for an answer and that it's something really lame.

    So excited for Little K! What a big day! I remember how monumental that was. I hope you guys have a good time.

  2. Definitely thinking about RJR. My daughter is 15 and going to have a scope down next week. She has been bleeding for several months now while going to the bathroom. After trips to ER we were finally able to get appointment with specialist. My heart is hoping for some good news to come your direction. A 16 year old kid does not need to go through this :(

    1. Sounds like your daughter and RJR have similar symptoms. I hope they both end up with a simple diagnosis.