Friday, January 18, 2013

Pre-Pregnancy Eating, Day 16

CD16 OPK: Hilariously Negative. So completely negative that I didn't even bother with testing again that afternoon.
RJR’s procedure: It went great! No complications and they found the source - an internal hemorrhoid and a few fissures. I've not been told what the treatment is, diet changes, etc., but we're all relieved that it should have a simple fix. Thank you all for your prayers!
Thursday was a walk in the park, eating-wise. Booyah!

·         Upon Waking: 4oz Water (Wah-wah!)
·         Breakfast: French Toast Oatmeal
·         Before Lunch: 24oz Water
·         Lunch: Spicy Black Bean Burger, 1t BBQ Sauce, Whole Grain Bun; Cucumber, 1T Light Ranch Dressing; Pear
·         PM Snack: Chobani Bite Greek Yogurt – Raspberry Chocolate Chip
·         Before Leaving: 32oz Water
·         Dinner: 1C Special K Yogurt and Berries, 1/3C Skim Milk + 1/3C Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
·         Extra: Sugar Free Vodka Tonic
I had so much fun on the weights last night! I’m really enjoying getting out there and working it. Right now I’m at:
·         30 Military Sit-Ups
·         8 Pairs of Side Sit-Ups
And three sets each of:
·         Curls: 30lbs, 10 reps
·         Press: 30lbs, 10 reps
·         Triceps (Behind the Head) Extension: 10lbs, 15 reps
·         Legs: 30lbs, 12 reps
Not too shabby! I haven’t been able to walk this week due to the rain/snow. I’m thinking, however, of picking up running again on the days that I’m off weights. I’m really not looking forward to that but I did feel so much better when I was running last spring. We’ll see!


  1. So happy the procedure went smoothly and it is something fixable! I am willing to bet that is the exact same thing they will find with my daughter. Her diet is horrible though.

    1. I hope your daughter's procedure goes well and has an easy fix!

  2. Hooray for... hemeroids. That didn't sound right. But I'm glad there is nothing too serious!

    Good on ya with the eating and the weights. I need to do more weights. I know it, I just hate it!

    1. Haha! We have a big hooray for the results, too. Just glad it wasn't anything major!

  3. "Hilariously negative" ... I love that. Sometimes all you can do is laugh. Hoping that the positive pops up soon!

    1. Thanks! We're hoping, too. I've never gotten a positive on these OPKs but the chart shows that I'm ovulating. Weird!

  4. Glad to hear it was only a hemmie. Keep up the good work on the diet/exercise.

  5. Oooohhhh I'm so jealous. I have fallen off the healthy eating wagon in a bad way. I got the flu last week (not to mention my period) and have been indulging in all sorts of comfort food. Back to it tomorrow. Wish me luck...

    1. Good luck today! The weekends are definitely my enemy on eating.