Thursday, January 3, 2013

Begin as You Mean to Continue

So, yesterday was CD1 and officially day one of my quasi-fertility diet. Really, it’s more of an optimizing my body for pregnancy diet. Which, I guess, is technically a fertility diet…
The idea is to eat whole foods whenever possible. Little to no red meat, no fast food, no white flour, no sugar substitutes, no soda, no processed food. (Except for veggie burgers, because I AM NOT A ROBOT.) Minimum 48oz of water daily. High in fresh fruit and veggies – a requirement for every meal except breakfast. High in lean protein, fiber, and calcium.
Here’s how we’re looking:
·        Upon Waking: 8oz Cold Water
·        Breakfast: 1/3C Oatmeal prepared with 1/3 Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk and 1/3C Strong Brewed Chai Tea, 2t Cinnamon Agave Nectar
·        AM Snack: 2 Clementines
·        Before lunch: Additional 16oz Water
·        Lunch: Spicy Black Bean Morning Star Burger, Whole Grain Bun, 1T Ketchup, 1/2C Haricot Vertes, 1/3C Carrots, 1T Light Ranch Dressing.
·        PM Snack: 1C Red Grapes
·        Before leaving work: Additional 16oz Water
·        Dinner: 6oz Shredded Chicken Breast with 2T Greek Yogurt Curry Dressing, 2C Romaine, Cucumber and Red Onion, 1T Sweet Thai Chili Sauce, 8oz Water
·        Dessert: Fresh Pineapple with Orange Greek Yogurt Dip
-    Bedtime: 4oz Whole Fruit Juice
Not bad, if I do say so myself. Also, incredibly delicious. The sad thing is that I have only a smidge of vodka left and don’t plan on buying more until after test day. Or diet soda. Boo…
I’ve set an alarm in order to remember to take my prenatal vitamin. I have BSF for daily Bible study during my lunch break. I think I’ve got a handle on the OPKs now and will start those 2x daily on CD16. I’m putting together a list of questions and plan on calling the cryobank later this week. And I have a call in at my clinic to give them a heads up on the impending cycle and shipment. I’m still on the fence about doing any additional monitoring; I think the only thing that could sway me would be if my coordinator were able to adjust the price. If not, just temps and OPKs will have to be fine.
In reviewing Fertility.Friend and adjusting for my cycle averages, I’ll most likely hit CD1 again on Feb 8 with an estimated O-date of Feb 27th. That is SO! SOON! And exciting. And terrifying.
Our daily prayer requests for this cycle are:
·        To remain committed to optimizing our chances of sustaining a healthy pregnancy through a healthy diet, light activity, and vitamin regimen.
·        To draw close to each other, growing in our marriage and faith during this time of waiting.
·        To experience God’s peace which surpasses all understanding.
Here we go!


  1. Sounds very healthy and delicious!!

  2. You definitely made me hungry! Great plan!