Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pre-Pregnancy Eating, Day 20

*Currently CD21, Average Ovulation CD21. OPKs CD20: Negative and negative. What even?*
First off, I’d like to admit that I did poorly eating on Friday evening (cheese, salami, baguette), Saturday evening (steak plus real dessert), and Sunday afternoon (restaurant). Ugh. Boo me.
However, the weight lifting is still going really well! I love how big my arms look right after I finish a set! The one complaint is that I’m not seeing much in the way of trimming fat. I can’t drop any lower on my calories and I’m maxed out on the weight I can lift right now. R suggested that I could double up on the sit-ups, doing those when I get home and again at 9pm. I know that picking up running again would help, it’s just too darn cold and dark when I get home. Come on, Springtime!
Monday’s eating went great! I really do so much better during the work week:
·         Upon Waking: 6oz Water
·         Breakfast: French Toast Oatmeal
·         Before Lunch: 16oz Water plus 4oz Chai Tea
·         Lunch: BBQ Black Bean Burger, Whole Grain Bun, 2t BBQ Sauce; Cucumber, 1T Light Ranch Dressing; Red Grapes.
·         PM Snack: Fage 0% Cherry and Pomegranate GY
·         Before Leaving Work: 20oz Water
·         Dinner: Special K with Skim Milk, Banana
·         Snack: 1 slice whole wheat bread (40cal), 1T Palmetto Cheese (70cal)
·         Extra: SF Vodka Tonic
Ya’ll, I’m starting to think I look like a lush on these daily eating logs. Ugh. I think 3-4/week is average for most adults, whether those are cocktails, a glass of wine at dinner, or a beer during the game. What are your thoughts? Do you consume alcohol? What is your average and/or limit?


  1. Stopping by from ICLW. Your pre-pregnancy eating log is great!

    I stopped drinking alcohol a while back my RE recommended it, but I used to have one or two glasses of wine a week on the weekends. I think you're right though - 3-4/week is about average. Wishing you lots of luck.

    1. Thank you for providing a data point and for stopping by!

  2. What is up with the opk test? Darnit turn positive already!!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind comments. They really mean a lot. You have a special perspective to offer in the whole process.

    I always stopped drinking once the meds started. And I missed it!

    1. I'm so glad that they helped! I've been praying for you. Can't wait to hear how the meeting goes!

      Yeah, I'm thinking that I'll stop on CD1. Then pick up again either once we hit CD1 again or the baby is weaned. Either way!

  4. Haha, funny about the "lush" comment. Since I track it on my FF log, I've realized that I also indulge quite a bit. I've also realized how much alcohol is a part of my life. Wine, especially. I love good food and good wine. And most of my friends and family do too. So it's weird to be cutting back (after ovulation) and just keeping track.

    But personally, I think 3-4 (or 4??) is normal. It's not about how often, it's about how much you drink in one sitting. I remember once a friend who doesn't like wine said to me, "I wish I could drink a glass of wine a night, for health reasons." And I thought...hey good! I'm doing something right ;)

    1. Haha! I'm definitely wondering how I'll be doing once I stop on CD1. It'll be interesting!

      I think you make a good point - 1 drink/night, 3-4 nights/week is a much better way to think about it! Definitely a difference between enjoying a drink and getting drunk.

  5. It was perfectly normal (pre-pregnancy) for my hubby and I to split a bottle of wine 2 to 3 times a week, at 2 glasses per, each bottle. So I think you're doing just fine! We have to stay sane, after all!

  6. Haha you are not a lush! I actually found myself drinking too much, esp with the holidays and so completely cut it out (for now). If you are having one drink every night, then I think you are fine. If you are having 3-4 drinks, you might want to cut back. I'm no doctor though. And, as far as losing fat (since I'm a workout addicted crazy person) take it's what it's worth, but it's all about cardio cardio cardio! You can not spot reduce fat on your body by doing ab work, or lifting weights. But, you can burn fat, by doing cardio. Yes, weights is great!! You burn more calories per gram of muscle than fat, so it will help, but if you want to see a big change, do more cardio ;) Oh, and I haven't tallied up your calories, but if you are eating too few calories, then your body goes into starvation mode and will start eating the muscle. Ok, I'll get off my soap box, just some ideas though!

  7. It sounds like you're doing great! I'm a cardio junkie and find it so difficult to motivate myself to do weights. I just feel like I'm wasting my time, even though I know it's supposed to be so important.

    I'm not a good person to ask about drinking, since I don't really like the taste (or calories) of alcohol, so I rarely drink. I don't drink other beverages either - I just love plain old water!