Friday, January 4, 2013

So Call Me Maybe

My coordinator called me back! I had the opportunity to speak with her early this morning and she’s going to look into monitoring options for us. She is so excited about us trying!
Her thinking right now is to have me come in for a baseline ultrasound and then back as soon as I get a positive OPK. Once we confirm that ovulation is imminent via ultrasound, we can force ovulation with Ovidrel and do the home insemination(s). If for any reason I get a positive OPK but ultrasound shows I’ve already ovulated, we can keep the vials in storage at our clinic. Sounds good, no?
My coordinator is going to talk to Dr. P about the plan and see if, given my history with the clinic, he would comfortable doing all of this without a consult. If he is, I’ll need to clear everything with R. Then my coordinator and I will start working on pricing. Once we get that squared away, I’ll need to check with my work contact on getting Ovidrel at a reduced cost.
I'm finally starting to get excited again!