Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pre-Pregnancy Eating, Day 14

First things first: We received the test results back on four of RJR's tests and they all came back negative!

Now, I don't know exactly what tests were done (as stepmother, I get very little specific information here) but I do know that cancer has been ruled out. Thank you, Lord!! We still have two bacterial cultures out and should get those results soon. RJR now has a GI specialist, who believes the bleeding to be caused by either a polyp or an intestinal ulcer. The scope is scheduled for Friday.

We are all pretty relieved at this point and are hoping that the scope shows something with a relatively easy fix.

On the TTC front, I had a dream last night that I got a positive OPK. That was a new one for me! I'm actually starting the OPKs tomorrow for the January cycle so that I can be better prepared for February. It's a surreal feeling to open the fridge the past two mornings and see my trigger in there. Don't get me wrong, I'm used to seeing the top shelf full of meds, but this is different: this time, the meds are for me. I mean, I've always been the one using them, but the CYCLE is mine this time. I'm still in shock that we're doing this...

There have been times the past two weeks when I've been worried that I'm not as excited as I should be about TTC. That I'm not sitting around, fantasizing about a positive test or about being pregnant or bringing home a baby. I get little flashes here and there, but I'm mostly just quiet, you know?

I know the amazing work God has done to get R and I to this point, so I won't be pulling the plug on anything. Maybe the Lord is just helping me stay unattached, since we don't know whether or not this will even work. With odds at 85/15 and just the one cycle, it's not impossible but certainly not a guarantee.

Tuesday was "a stay home with a sick Little K" day, which usually makes it harder to stick to the eating plan, but I (mostly) managed to do it. Totally tooting my own horn on that one!
  • Upon Waking: 8oz Water
  • Breakfast: 1C Special K (Yogurt and Berries) with 1/4C Skim Milk and 1/4C Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, Banana
  • Before Lunch: 24oz Water
  • Lunch: 1/2C Homemade BBQ Black Bean Salsa over Romaine with 1T Light Ranch Dressing, Pear
  • PM Snack: Chobani Bite Greek Yogurt - Caramel with Pineapple Chunks
  • Before Dinner: 24oz Water
  • Dinner: BBQ Black Bean Salad, 1T Light Ranch Dressing
  • Dessert: Homemade M&M Bar (oops!)
I'm really enjoying working with weights and bummed that today needs to be a day off so I can heal. It's definitely a new experience for me! I'm in enough pain to know I'm doing it right and hoping that I can up the weight a little by next week. Heh. I've had to start putting a cushion behind my legs when I do the lifts and a pillow under my bottom when I do the sit ups. And gloves when I use the bars, to protect my hands. I'm not as young as I used to be!


  1. Yay! So glad RJR's tests are looking good. I hope you get lame answers soon. :)

    How does one make said M&M Bar?

    1. Me, too!

      To make M&M bars, one must have a sister who sent her a mason jar full of baking mix. :-) The bars are like blondies with M&Ms. So yummy!

  2. Don't worry that you're not "excited" enough. There is not right amount. You are doing it right, just by doing what you're doing. Plus, I'd say that's a really healthy way to be. Don't compare yourself to certain unnamed crazy people. hahaha

    1. Thanks! The excited definitely comes and goes; right now, it's gone. Wah-wah. Looking forward to it coming back soon!

  3. Thank goodness for good results! I'm trying to motivate myself for strength training again, but it's hard because I'm a pretty serious cardio junkie. I did go to a class last night and I can feel it today, so maybe I'll get results if I make it a consistent thing.