Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What's Next?

So what does all this mean for TTC? I don't know.

We've put TTC on hold for now. We won't be cycling in February. Probably not in March, either. We'll revisit the subject once I've found full-time work again, whether that is the 3-month contract being extended or a whole new opportunity coming together.

The good thing, though, is that the Lord has been preparing my heart. Remember this? My heart has been quiet and, even in the face of this new uncertainty, I'm still quiet. God has done so much in our lives over the past year; I know He has amazing plans for us now.

As we wait to see what the next few days, weeks, and months will bring, I'll be trying to make the most of this extra time. I've been saying for a while now that I want to start running again but that it's too cold and dark to do it in the evening. Well, now I can run during the warmest part of the day! I can spend more time in the Word. I can finish the quilt for my sister. I can do laundry during the week. I can keep the house cleaner. I can try some new dinner recipes. I can reconsider getting my real estate license. I can look into volunteer opportunities with my clinic. I can complete the pile of mending in the sewing room. I can finish the last two chapters of my book.

God has given me this time. I want to use it wisely.


  1. Your blog is always so encouraging! So great to find other Christ followers. Praying for your journey :)

    1. Thanks! It is absolutely amazing to see what God has done this week. He is so good!