Friday, November 2, 2012

Satisfy Me, Lord

Today, I am thankful for God’s provision. My surgery ended up being very expensive; we have six different services we are paying for, from doctors and hospitals to anesthesiology and medicine. I just paid this month’s bills and am so, so thankful that we continue to be able to afford the things we need.
I’m thankful for creativity, resourcefulness, and pre-planning. I love to give gifts and am a little concerned about Christmas this year. But my planning has paid off – I have already purchased many of the gifts we will be giving this year. Little K’s stocking stuffers have been gathered over the past several months. My parent’s gifts, my sister and her family, as well as my BFF’s gifts are all in my closet. I am halfway done with the hats I am making for the boys. We already purchased the supplies for Little K’s Christmas crafts for her extended family. I am re-evaluating some of the things on my purchase list and have already downloaded patterns for some decorations I was planning on purchasing. I’m looking forward to spending time in front of a warm fire, creating gifts of love for our family and home.
I’m thankful for what we already have: a beautiful home, a big yard, and the tools to take care of both. I was originally thinking about going shopping this weekend but, after paying the bills, would like to deep-clean the house instead. I would like to take the time to touch each beautiful thing in our house, remember the joy in purchasing each part, and appreciate how each piece works together to create a warm and loving environment.
Today, I will not worry about how to pay for the things we want or about acquiring more stuff. God has given us everything we need and will continue to provide for us.
Today's scripture passage is long but worth it:

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