Monday, November 19, 2012

Brain Dump

I have a presentation this afternoon, so this will be brief and most likely boring.
In My Pants: I went back to the GYN on Friday to have an internal bump checked out. My doctor agreed to do some further testing, which will include an in-office procedure next week. She is not particularly concerned but she is very understanding. It’s easy to get paranoid since we don’t know what caused the VIN to show up in the first place and she would like to lay both her and our fears to rest. Luckily I already met my annual deductible, so this should be relatively inexpensive.
Weekend: Even with the Friday drama we were able to get a ton accomplished this weekend, including: most of the cleaning; most of the upcoming Christmas, birthday, grocery, and Thanksgiving shopping; seeing a play Saturday afternoon with Little K; getting R diagnosed with strep throat on Sunday (*siiiiigh*); getting 75% complete crocheting a sweater dress for Little K’s doll; making a delivery to Goodwill; and moving some more of SSA’s things to the attic.
Things that did not get accomplished this weekend include the finishing work (and dry cleaning) on the formal tablecloth and picking up the final crafting items I need from Home Depot. Oh well.
To Do: This week we are looking at my parents arriving tomorrow night, Little K off school on Wednesday, and still needing to finalize the menu for Thursday. I do need to complete the finishing work on the table cloth, although I’ll just spot check and iron instead of having it cleaned, and need to make it to Home Depot since we’re decorating for Christmas on Friday. And wash the icky strep germs off our sheets. And put away the clean clothes. And stock the bathrooms with guest supplies. And dust all of the wood furniture in our house. No pressure!
The Crazy: My breasts have become so sore that it hurts to walk about at my normal clip. I’ll also mention that my temp is continuing to rise, hitting 98.3 this morning. I’ll go ahead with the disclaimers: I realize that the soreness is due to progesterone which is present after ovulation regardless of pregnancy and that my temp rising could simply mean that I’m beginning a fever and can look foward to developing strep. Of course, Fertility Friend doesn’t help, with a significant test date, projected due date, and percentage of positive test with my current temp/symptoms. I quit.
So, there you go. Hope you managed to stay awake during it! If not, maybe remember this post and use it to get to sleep tonight.

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