Saturday, November 24, 2012

Creeping Along

Found out today that we can't adopt this little cutie since he's not into cats:

Naminae decided that my dad's guitar case is her new bed:

Little K turned the laundry basket into a crib:

I am currently 14DPO, continuing the steady high temps with a dip at 7DPO. I have the world's biggest and sorest boobs, a sore throat, headaches, *tmi* constipation, heartburn (new today), and will destroy EVERYTHING. And can't sleep through the night without waking to pee, although I'm fine during the day.

I've managed to hold off on testing so far, mostly because I left my box of tests in my desk drawer. Let's be sure to shout it out loud: my husband is still vasectomized. Nothing has changed.

Welcome to Crazytown, population: Me.


  1. Is that the blanket I made? If so wow!

    1. It IS! We use it every day. Can you believe how well it's holding up after 7 years?!