Sunday, November 4, 2012

Crochet Projects

Today, I'm thankful for my Great-Grandmother. She taught my mother how to crochet, who, in turn, taught me when I was seventeen. And here I am, fourteen years later, picking it up again.

I've been working on Christmas presents for my two stepsons, SSA and RJR. Come December 25th, they will be ages 14 and 16. I currently have issues with SSA but deep down they are both good kids. It is so cool seeing how much RJR is like R, even though he wasn't raised by him! The hard part is knowing what to give them, so I'm making them something, instead! Specifically, I'm making them these.

Beard Hats! Yay! I'm done with the hat portion and am starting on the beards tomorrow. I'm attaching the beards with buttons rather than sewing them on, so hopefully they'll use the hats more. RJR's hat is red and black for his favorite college football team; SSA's is blue and white since blue is his favorite color. Both beards will be light brown.

I'm using the same hat pattern to make matching hats for Little K and her new (soon to be born) cousin, Mere. Instead of beards, I'm putting a big flower on each. I'm also designing a scalloped border for their hats. I can't wait to see them come together!

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