Sunday, November 25, 2012

Back To It

Tomorrow is the first day back after the five-day (well, four-day for me) break. Boo. It's also the last week at the company for my former boss. And, as long as my period holds off, it will be the week of my additional testing at the GYN.

Lots of things.

I did have a bit of brown spotting early this morning, so I doubt anything is going on in there. I do hope that my period holds off until Wednesday so I can have my procedure on Tuesday.

I'm mostly okay with everything. I love our little family of three. It's comfortable, cozy, happy, full... Everything I want my family to be.

We had an absolutely wonderful visit with my parents. They arrived on Tuesday evening. Wednesday was last minute grocery shopping, pottery painting, pre-cooking, and my dad's brisket. Thursday was absolutely fantastic! We made the annual gingerbread house, ate crepes, watched the parade and football, and did some crafts. Friday was tree decorating, lights, movies, leftovers, and a trip to Hillridge Farms for the light show and Santa. We said goodbye Saturday morning, but only after consuming the remaining crepes.

Everything was amazing, relaxed, and full of love. I have so much to be thankful for (or, you know, for which to be thankful). I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

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