Monday, November 5, 2012

Awk. Ward.

Today, I’m thankful for growth.
I know I’ve spoken in the past about how uncomfortable I am with talking about sexuality and my fear of having “The Talk” with Little K. Well, I’m about to toot my own horn for a moment. A couple of months ago, Little K asked me where babies come from.
Yup, that happened.
So, I reviewed the basics that my mother provided to her last year: the woman has the egg, the man has the seed, you put them together and a baby is created. Then *oh lord no* she asked how the egg and the seed get together. So, I gave her the technical names for the main body parts involved while avoiding the actual how.
And -here’s the big thing- we’ve been using the technical names ever since!
Seriously, this is HUGE for me. In fact, I’ve begun correcting her when she uses slang or nicknames for these parts!
I really want to lay a strong foundation for this topic so that the real talk goes as well as possible. Through no fault of my parents, I grew up very squeamish about sex. I don’t like talking about it, especially with my mom and dad. Example: I was watching a movie with my mom while recovering from surgery this past summer. There was a gag about sex and I blushed and hid under the blanket. At 31 years old! Seriously.
So, I’m making it technical. And I can talk technical all day long.
Hopefully this will do two things: one, I really want “the talk” to be more of a continuous discussion we have over several years rather than a big milestone conversation that leaves us both (well, me at least) very uncomfortable. And, two, I would like to begin regular dialogue on this subject so that she feels comfortable coming to me with these questions or comments at any point in her life.
I hope that the rest of our talks continue to go as well as that first one did.
In other news, Mom and Dad taught Little K our favorite card game: Crazy Eights! She and I played several times last week and she, R, and I played out first game together on Saturday. So much fun! I just love hearing her call out “last card!” She even caught me at it during our last hand and made me pick up seven cards. She’s definitely momma’s girl!

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