Tuesday, November 27, 2012

CD2, PSA, Decor

So, yesterday turned into CD1. *sigh* Progesterone, you are a lying liar of lies.
In other news, I am now sufficiently sane enough to be able to express to R that, although every touch doesn’t need to lead to… things, I do need more physical attention than an absentminded kiss when I get home from work and a deliberately irritating poke in the arm at bedtime.
You want a happy wife? Tell me I look good, compliment my outfit, stand up and kiss me when I get home, sneak up behind me and give me a hug when I cook, and lift up your arm as an invitation to cuddle when I get into bed. Or, you know, don’t and be on the receiving end of a wife who is constantly irritated with the added bonus of thinking you 1.) don’t love me, 2.) don’t find me attractive anymore, and/or 3.) are screwing around.
*The more you know.*
We finally put away the last of the Thanksgiving accoutrements and set up the remaining of the Christmas decorations. (I’ll have to take some pictures soon. The garland on the banister looks amazing!) This is the first year since moving to NC that I’m really excited about Christmas. It’s definitely a new and different experience, that’s for sure. Even though Little K won’t be with us that week, she’s become more aware of the holiday season and the excitement that comes with it. She has an appreciation for aesthetics that you don’t often find in young children; she wants the candles lit, the tree and garland plugged in, and the fireplace going... It is very fun to have her as a cohort in creating ambience!
Speaking of such things, who would like to take the opportunity to explain to me how to use Pintrest? I received my login several months ago, attempted to get started earlier in the month, and failed epically. How do you re-pin things? How do I start a new board? What is the point of following someone, is there a dashboard or something when you login? I’m confused.
This has been your regularly scheduled NaBloPoMo brain dump. Anyone else ready for December 1st already?


  1. I CAN DO ZISS! Memailing you. Also, I love that Little K is getting into the holidays this year :) She's so flippin cool.

  2. It is very cool when children get fired up about the holidays. We have not decorated yet. I am not sure if my son will be in to Christmas this year