Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Ick and a List

This post is brought to you by Penicillin and Sudafed: “When you’ve got the Ick.”
Ya’ll, I’m sick. Strep throat, sinus infection, sinus headache. Blargh. I can barely breathe, my head hurts, and I’m so very tired. Plus I keep coughing stuff up. Boooooooooo.
I am happy to say that I am officially done with my Christmas shopping. Yay! Now I’m just hoping that the presents for my dad and BFF arrive before I get on a plane next Thursday. Let’s watch!
In other news, fertile CM started showing up on Monday, along with a heavy dose of crazy. I redesigned a nursery last night and am all *squee omg babeeeee* about it. I also double checked our finances and we could afford to cycle in March. Happy birthday to me!
Now, to get the husband to sign on.
Actually, I think we’re both doing very well about possibly cycling. The restriction to a single cycle has done wonders in our conversations. Who knows? With a cycle in March, the new one could share a birthday with Little K. Fun!
My dad will be starting his new job on January 2nd (I wonder if I could convince him to hire me remotely…), which means that my parents won’t be able to join us for NYE. Although I am super excited for them, I’m totally bummed about not ringing in the new year with them. We were going to do Little K’s belated Christmas and birthday while they were with us, too. Bah. At least Little K will be home by then!
Sick. Christmas shopping. Babee. March cycle. New job. NYE plans.
I need a nap.

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