Saturday, December 22, 2012

And The Rest

This was scheduled to go up over the weekend. Clearly I haven't figured out that button yet!

brina: my eight-month pregnant little sister, due in January. She lives with her husband, J, and two little grumper pups. She is finishing up her English degree and is an accomplished voice talent. You have heard her voice here, here, and here! She and I have won our family Iron Chef Competition together two years in a row. Booyah! She has a heart for those that conservative religion has turned a collective back on. She is creative, loves God, and is excited to become a mother.
W: my bestie. W is amazingly smart, talented, passionate, and incredibly friendly. He teaches at the college level and adores all of his various nieces and nephews, whether by blood or by love. He took the time to nurse me through divorce and lead me out of fashion crisis. He loves to cook and spend time in nature. W loves to do good in the world and I get excited when I think of all he could do and experience through a personal relationship with Christ.
My mom: What can I saw about my mom? She is everything I want to be when I grow up. She raised two daughters to love the Lord. She went back to school as an adult and completed her degree in Biblical Studies. She is currently in her fifties and attending seminary, pursuing her Master of Divinity. She is a twice-published author and a sought after facilitator. I would be lucky to turn out to be even half the mother, wife, and woman of God that she is.
My dad: Oh man, can there be a harder act to follow? My dad is my hero, everything a Christian father and husband should be. He loves his wife with his whole self, seeks the Lord in all things, and works hard to provide for his family while never taking his eyes off the eternal impact of his actions. His work is his mission field, which he pursues by operating his business honestly and doing right by his employees and contractors. He is a difficult standard for his sons-in-law to live up to and prays for them daily.
My ex: I debated whether or not to include him in the round up but he is a part of my life. He loves our daughter and wants to be a good father. He deserves God’s grace and love. Although he once proclaimed a belief in Christ, he is now an atheist. I hope that he finds his way back to the Lord who loves him.

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