Thursday, December 20, 2012


We're about to head to the airport but I thought I'd update you on today's procedure. The short version is that nothing looked like cancer.

My doctor was able to find the bump! This darn bump has been driving me crazy and my prayer today was that she could find it. Turns out that the bump has actually a tiny cluster of three (possible) cysts plus a fourth right next to them. She biopsied the area, which also removed all four. Nothing else looked abnormal during the colposcopy. We did a repeat Pap and a cervical biopsy, just to be safe.

The cervical biopsy hurt like CRAZY but everything else was fine. We should have the biopsy results by Wednesday/Thursday of next week.

Now, off to the airport!


  1. Thinking of you as you await your results. Have a safe trip! Happy ICLW!

  2. I'm so glad to hear it wasn't something more serious. Happy Holidays and ICLW.

    Jessah #11 on ICLW list

  3. Thank you, all! I just called my doc and the results are in but haven't been reviewed yet. The suspense is killing me!