Friday, February 3, 2012

Zero, Probably

I mastered the 3-way call this morning and was able to listen when R received his lab results. Today’s count was zero. That’s a very good thing. However, the clinic requires two zero specimens before they will call the vasectomy successful. They want the next sample in one week.
I was the courier this morning and, surprise! the clinic is across the street from my center. So, dspence slipped in for a quick ultrasound. Lucky for me that I was due a scan from the last donation. My uterus is currently unoccupied and very cushion-y, with a monster follicle on the left and ovulating this weekend. (I guess my cycle is even more off than I realized!) I gotta tell you that I was disappointed to hear it his count was zero, as I am just awful enough to try tomorrow.
So, there you go. We’re hesitantly at zero pending NEXT Friday’s results.
I think we’re all relieved.


  1. Wow, you have had a week of a lot of ups and downs. I understand the thoughts of there might be a chance. All it takes is one and there is hope we want to hope.

  2. What a roller coaster of a week! It sounds like things are moving in the direction you want them to go, though. Hoping you'll have good news next Friday.