Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CD4: Already?

I would like to start out saying that I'm feeling very quiet about this cycle. R and I were talking this morning and figured out that we've been at this for six months now (started temping in preparation all the way back in October). We are tired of the roller coaster and are ready to get off! Of course, with two cancelled cycles behind us - one due to work and the other from missed ovulation - I don't have much confidence that this cycle will be OMGTHEONESQUEE! *sigh* I suppose everyone gets to this point eventually but it's new territory for me. 

SO! The trip to Chicago last week was really good. I wasn't able to meet up with any fellow bloggers but I did have a great time visiting with my family friends. And I treated myself to a couple martinis at the hotel bar on Wednesday night. Heh. Got back Friday night and woke up to CD1 on Saturday. My bff, W, arrived Saturday night and left again this morning. Busy!

Started Femara Monday night and will continue with 2/night through this Friday. I emailed my coordinator and scheduled a follicle scan for next Wednesday, CD12. R will be heading to SC the end of May for an awards presentation for SSA and we're hoping to have good news to share by then.

Here we go again!


  1. I'm glad you've been keeping busy!! Fingers crossed that this cycle is the.one.!!!

  2. But it would be really nice to have this cycle work! I'm hoping!

  3. The cycle that I got pregnant was the one where I didn't get my hopes up and just stopped caring so much. I'll do the caring and hoping for you and you just sit back and relax, k?

  4. I'll hope for you that this is your cycle.

  5. Crossing my fingers, my toes...hoping, hoping, hoping!