Wednesday, May 1, 2013

CD5, (Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Guest Room

We have finally finished the new guest room! What originally started with leftover bedroom furniture and a vintage quilt has transformed into a cozy French cottage for our wonderful family and guests.

Originally we talked about replacing the bed with a black Jenny Lind crib, y'know if this whole TTC thing works, but now we're not as sure. Honestly, we co-slept with Little K for the first year and it went rather well. She *literally* never slept in her crib for me; instead, we endured three completely sleepless nights of unabated crying before I gave up and slept peacefully with her in our bed. I'm thinking that I will leave the queen bed setup for grandparents, etc. to visit and then use it as a spare sleep surface if the new one has a fussy night or one of us is sick. Our master bedroom is massive and could hold a crib if needed, especially since I breastfeed my kids and would rather not haul my postpartum butt up 15 stairs 3x/night for the first six months.

Of course, that hinges on TTC working and a new baby being the same as Little K. We would obviously be playing all of this by ear. We should have some idea of whether or not this will even be an issue by the end of the month.


Iron Bed: Craigslist, $100
Chest of Drawers: Sweet Peas Antiques, Wake Forest, $100
Quilt and Shams: Antique Shop, Winter Garden, $35
Postage Pillow: Homegoods, $20
Console Table: Homegoods, $75
End Table: Homegoods, $35
Bird Lamp: Home Depot, $50
Chair: Pier 1, $375 (ouch!)
Dream Art: Pier 1, $50
Curtains: Made 'em myself from remnant fabric!
Other Decorative Accessories and Art: Various sales at Pier 1 and Homegoods, as well as from our attic.


  1. Love how the frames/mirrors over the bed compliment the colors in the quilt so nicely! What a beautiful guest room!

  2. I love everything about this room! I wish I had your knack for decorating!

  3. It looks like a Bed and Breakfast! So warm and homey. I wish our guestroom were so inviting! Plus, I think you did the right thing in going ahead and decorating it. It's likely you're right about the baby sleeping with you anyhow and all of your company who comes to see Baby will need somewhere to sleep!

  4. Wow! Very cute. I'd feel like I was at a B&B if I came and stayed at your place! Be careful or your guests are going to start expecting freshly baked scones in the morning and mints on their pillows! (-:

  5. That looks so cozy and inviting, and you did damn good money wise for how well you put it all together! Nice!