Wednesday, April 10, 2013

CD25: Better

I want all of you to know how much your comments meant to me yesterday. Thank you for being so supportive and kind. You're the best!

Little K and I are both doing a lot better today. I stayed pretty drained all yesterday afternoon and my eyes stayed stiff from the earlier tears but we ended up having a really fun evening together, playing outside and throwing around a football with R. It really helped us finish loosening up. I also managed to fit in a workout on the weights and bag, which was really good.

We managed to locate corn syrup-free options for all but one of Little K's favorite foods, which is fantastic. As of today, she is 99.9% corn syrup free! It may sound simple but I count that as a huge accomplishment, given how limited her palate is. I received a gorgeous blender from my sister for my birthday, so I'm hoping to start making Little K a green smoothie each day after school in order to get some fresh fruits and veggies into her diet. Again - sounds simple but has been a struggle since the day she started solid food.

I'm really looking forward to her supplements arriving next week. We ordered the Nordic Naturals brand Children's Dha Softgels and Nordic Omega-3 Gummies; we also ordered the SmartyPants brand Gummy Multivitamin with Omega 3 and Vitamin D. We plan on one multivitamin, one omega-3, and two Dha each day.

We are also considering JustMe's advice about a psychological evaluation for Little K. Her biological father is diagnosed, but un-medicated, Bi-Polar. My side of the family has quite a history of mental illness, too, so Little K has it coming from both sides. *sigh*

That's a big thing I reminded R about yesterday: because of her family history, it's possible that this isn't an obedience issue but a chemical/hormonal issue. We have to understand that Little K really may not be able to control herself - these chemicals are not something she has control over. We have to stay patient! It's a really powerful reminder for us to keep calm when she gets out of control.


In other news, our follicle scan is coming up on Friday! My abdomen is all kinds of bloated right now, so I'm hoping that means we have lots of follicles developing. The thought of triggering Friday night for a Sunday IUI makes me so happy! I love the idea of doing that in the morning and then heading to church right after - being able to sit down for worship and knowing that He may already be at work bringing a new life to our family...

So glad that the excitement is coming back!


  1. Hoping you have lots of good sized follicles on Friday!

  2. Hoping the change in diet and vitamins make a difference. Can't wait to hear how Friday goes!

  3. Hope Friday goes well! Excited to hear about the diet change! Praying!

  4. All of the nutritional changes can have such a powerful effect on child behavior, so kudos for making the effort. It sounds like you are making headway, and I admire your dedication to taking it one step at a time to help her the best way possible....rather than just throwing a pill at the problem automatically.

    Best of luck on your u/s Friday! Grow follies grow!