Saturday, April 6, 2013

CD21, Happy Etsy Day: Minty Fresh

Better late than never, right? Today was a bright, fresh day. :-)

Simple Leaf with Mint Green Drop

Crystal Drop Earrings

Clover Necklace

Red Flower and Mint Butterfly

Mint Chocolate Chip Self Striping Sock Yarn

Mint Birds Earrings

Mint & Cottage White Frame Gallery

Rosemary Mint Soap

Vintage Flats Mint Green with Pink Poodles

Mint Mum Flower Comb

Gidget Mint Octopus Infinity Gown


Mint Flower Ukulele

Studded Cut Sweatshirt Top

Custom Matchbook Mints

Owl air plant pod

Nerd Herder gadget wallet

Starfish Brooch Lot

Mint Vintage Camera Instamatic iPhone Case

Vintage 1980s mint green slingback heels

Mint leather floral soft cuff bracelet


And the Wild Cards:

Mint Tin Pocket Guitar Amp

Paint Dipped Bamboo Chopsticks


mint purple Washi tape set



  1. everything mint green this season. This whole post is right up my alley. Beautiful!

  2. I LOVE these posts. My fave was the infinity gown. Gorgeous.