Friday, April 19, 2013

CD34: A week? Really?

SO! It's been one week since our IUI was cancelled. It feels like a lot longer. I was surprised at how depressed I felt after. It certainly didn't help that I came down with a totally gross cold/allergies on Monday that left me laid out and feeling awful for the week. I'm finally starting to feel better, thank goodness!

My system is still all whacked out from the Clomid - or, more likely, this cold I've been fighting. I've been having hot flashes all week! And headaches like it's my job. UGH! So ready to feel better.

Of course, just because our IUI was cancelled doesn't mean that the crazy has let up. I've been googling estimates for an ovulation date based on my 5.1 progesterone levels from Friday. Because, and stay with me here, if I ovulated on Thursday (and R and I were intimate that day) then maybe there's a chance that... Well, I guess that the Lord miraculously reunited everything from R's vasectomy and we could be all WOOOO-PREGO!

Because that's what TTC does to you. You start to go crazy and, in the face of disappointment, think the impossible is actually possible even though your rational mind knows that nothing has changed. *headdesk*

It doesn't help that my breasts are KILLING me and I'm horribly nauseous from all the cold drainage. And bloated all to heck from mainlining tylenol and sudafed. Blah.

Welcome (back) to crazy town! I can't wait for my period next week...


You know what? I don't want to leave this on a complain-y note. I was wonderfully surprised on Monday morning when I picked up my Femara prescription for under $5. Wooooo!!


  1. Haha I looove the crazy stuff we can believe in moments of IF and hormone-induced hysteria!! :)

  2. Oh the lovely world of infertility... full of second guesses and obsessive thoughts! haha I hope your system gets back on track soon and more than anything I hope you get your BFP soon :)

  3. That is a good deal on the Femera!

  4. Ah yes...obsessions and craziness, the crux of IF. I love that you left this on a positive note...I don't think I can even get antibiotics for five bucks anymore. lol

    Happy ICLW #34

  5. I can identify with so much of this. I think they should put "craziness" on the list of side effects.