Tuesday, April 23, 2013

CD38: A Drop in the Bucket

I did something superficial, wasteful, and downright frivolous...

I bought myself new clothes.

And not just any new clothes - I went here. One of my top three favorite places, existing alongside Macy's and Anthropologie.

It doesn't make much sense. After all, I'm trying to get knocked up, If everything works, I'll be able to wear these clothes through what... end of June? Maybe part of July?

But here's the thing: I needed to do something nice for ME. To do something for myself that didn't involve shelling out hundreds of dollars at the RE's office. Something that made me feel good about myself and who I am right in this moment. Something that didn't wait because we may -or may not- get pregnant.

These clothes are completely fabulous! They fit my body as it is right now and look amazing. I feel confident and sexy in them, not worrying about stomach rolls or whether or not I look age appropriate. They fit my new WAHM lifestyle, making up for the closet full of CK dresses that I used to wear to the office.

It may sound shallow but these clothes make me feel good about myself.

And you know what? That makes the expense totally worth it.


  1. Cute!! I do the same thing... every time I have a failed cycle, I buy clothes... even though, in a few months time, that clothes might not fit me (I always hope it won't!!), it makes me feel better, in that moment. And in those moments, I'll do anything to make myself feel better! I'm glad you did something for yourself... you deserve it!

  2. Agreed- you totally deserve to spend money on something that will pay off NOW and give you some small peace of mind and happiness. They look beautiful!!

  3. You totally deserve it... and I also always feel like if you actually go out and buy the clothes it "jinx" you into being pregnant... after all... all those months you didn't buy any clothes you never got pregnant right? I am visiting from ICLW and I wish you luck on your cycle. I hope you only get to wear those clothes for a few months!

  4. I work from home too and just don't bother most days about how I look because I end up in work out clothes by the end of the day. Poor hubby must be tired of seeing me wearing slouchy clothes. I agree you need to treat yourself with some clothes. I should do the same too soon.

  5. Cute and very fun! I am crazy about anthropologie, by the way.

  6. You have to do what you have to do sometimes to make yourself feel better and those clothes are adorable! I hope in a few months, you have to put those clothes away for a long time.

  7. Oooops I am so late to comment on this, but I just wanted to congratulate you on the super cute clothes. I went out and bought cute stuff the month before I got pregnant. You can't put your life on hold. When you need/deserve clothes, you need clothes! Also, I am 3 months in and still wearing most of my regular clothes,