Friday, February 28, 2014

Still Here: 39 Weeks

Just wanted to reassure everyone that I'm still here, still pregnant. Today marks 39 weeks and I have a midwife appointment this afternoon. I do plan on asking for an internal exam today. While I would love to hear that I'm starting to dilate, I'm not holding out a lot of hope on that. However, from inserting the evening primrose oil every night, I do feel that we will hear that I've begun effacing.

I am planning on asking the midwife to strip my membranes today. The theory is that the release of the amniotic sac from the cervix encourages release of the hormones that stimulate contractions, which would show up within 48 hours. I had that done twice when I was pregnant with Little K and it was not uncomfortable for me. We'll see if she can get in there...

We are wrapping things up here. The house and food is ready. I'm going to the bank on the way to the appointment to deposit the funds for my maternity leave. I purchased our plane tickets to Florida for June this morning. My work is set enough that I can begin my leave RIGHT NOW and they will survive. R has his work on standby and will be taking one week off when Aaron arrives. I have a full tank of gas and my mom is here for 10 more days. COME ON, BABY!

In other news, Little K had a presentation this morning at school that my mom and I were able to attend. All of the second graders were assigned different African American people to research for Black History Month. Little K was assigned Oprah Winfrey and had a great time with her project! And she looks great as a brunette. :-)

I used this tutorial to dye a blonde synthetic wig brunette.


  1. strip membranes, yowsa ;) Keep us updated!!!! Can't wait to find out when the big debut is!

  2. Hoping all goes well at your appt.