Monday, February 17, 2014

Ready: 37.5 Weeks

Hospital Bags are packed. House is set up. Nursery is done. Thirteen meals in the freezer. Lactation bars are cooling on the counter. Gone dairy free. We have two and a half weeks until Aaron's due date but I'm ready. I'm ready for him to come. I'm ready to meet him.

I'm also ready to not be pregnant. My torso feels fine but my poor hips and feet are so sore. It takes so much effort to take a single step today because my feet are just so terribly sore. I know this is (most likely) my last pregnancy and I have been conscious to not wish it away. I know how lucky I am to be pregnant in the first place and to have such easy pregnancies.

I remember getting to this point with Little K, too. My feet finally gave out on me two weeks before she was born. With her, it was the marathon Christmas cookie baking in the apartment without shoes on. This time, I tried so hard to be smart about it! I wore very supportive shoes, I was only on my feet in the kitchen for about three hours total. But still. I hurt today.

One week until my mom gets here and then, hopefully, only a few days until this little man enters our life and changes everything forever.


  1. Hoping you don't go over 40 weeks.

  2. Can't wait for Aaron to make his debut!

  3. I can't wait!!! You are so close girl! Hang in there! Hope it's a sweet time when your mom arrives!

  4. You are so close!! Sounds like you are all ready for him, I can't wait to read about your delivery story!