Friday, February 7, 2014

36 Weeks

We are officially 4 weeks from Aaron's due date and I'm feeling pretty brain dead over here. Please forgive the need for bullets:

  • Lactation Consultant: Met with LC, got a lot of great answers and we have a plan for how to deal with delayed lactation if it becomes a problem again
  • Related: Ordered a small amount of hypoallergenic formula in case we need to supplement again. I feel much better having this on hand than having supplementing come as a surprise as it did with Little K.
  • Midwife Appointment: Confirmed that Aaron is head down (YAY!) and posterior (BOO!!!). Been working a minimum of 2 hours a day to turn him and seeing results. Praying he turns anterior and stays that way!
  • Related: Ordered Evening Primrose Oil and a lactation supplement. Will begin taking both at 37 weeks.
  • Placenta Encapsulation: Completed all paperwork for placenta encapsulation. Very excited about this possible PPD prevention!
  • Work: Still have a TON to get done. Confirmed maternity leave with employer and notified my clients.
  • Non-Dairy: So far, so good. Still planning on one last splurge with a cheese plate and chocolate on Valentine's Day.
  • Related: Created an amazing non-dairy smoothie that tastes like a pina colada yet is very low in fat. SO HAPPY!
  • HypnoBabies: Completed Week 5 and am beginning maintenance routine. Feeling very confident about birth. Still need to write Week 3-5 Review.
  • Redeeming Childbirth: Loving this book! Over halfway through and taken a ton of notes. So thankful for a Christian birthing resource!
  • Baby Gear: Placed final order for all of the baby things ever OMG. Relieved they are on the way. Not looking forward to seeing the bill. UGH. Should be fine.
  • Counseling: Had a great appointment with the new counselor. Little K really likes her. We are going in weekly for now and will probably switch to 2/month in March.
  • Orthodontist: We have completed Phase 1 of Little K's orthodontia and are moving on to Phase 2 - Mini Braces. Getting those on Wednesday next week. Praying for my girl. She is excited right now, thankfully.

I will say this as a narrative: I'm feeling really good physically. Aaron is really low and I'm able to breathe easily. My appetite is fine. Walking feels good. I was waddling a bit last week but that seems to have gone away. My digestive track is a little off, which is expected this late in the game. Sleeping better now than I was in January.

I'm SO excited to meet our little man!


  1. I'm so not looking forward to the drain on the savings to finish up the nursery either. But it can't be any worse than what I've paid out of pocket for infertility treatments this past year alone.

  2. Lots of fun updates! So glad you ordered the final things. Happy 36 weeks!

  3. You sound ready! And 4 weeks will fly by. You must be getting so excited to see this little boy.

  4. Meeting the little guy will be one of the best moments of your life! Be sure and capture it with lots of pictures and videos!