Monday, February 3, 2014

It's the Final Countdown!

Anyone else picturing Gob Bluth dancing right now?

Since learning Aaron's due date of March 7th, I've had a feeling he will be born on March 1st. Which is just 25 days away! WHOA!

We are feeling surprisingly ready over here. Sure, I still have two major work projects to get done before then, but the basics are done. We have the funds set aside for my maternity leave. There's a mini crib and changing table set up in the master bedroom. Breastfeeding pillow and nursing pads. Newborn size diapers and wipes. Newborn size clothes have been washed and put away. Appointment with the lactation consultant is tomorrow morning. Car seat installed. Really, there's not too much else to be done.

Not to say that there is nothing left to do. Still on the to-do list are finish Hypnobabies and Redeeming Childbirth. Also, prep Little K a little more on what to expect at the birth center and those first couple of weeks. And, of course, those two big work projects.

I've planned four non-dairy freezer meal, which I still need to make, and need to plan/make at least six more. Have to sell our guest bedroom mattress and box spring, which is a shame because it is wonderfully comfortable. Considering whether to purchase a can of non-dairy formula, just in case. Oh, and pack my bag for the birth center.

We have a ton of medical appointments this week, including a counseling appointment for Little K this afternoon. Would sure appreciate your prayers on that one!

My mom should be arriving in 21 days and, hopefully, Aaron will show up shortly after that. I can't believe we're here already!


  1. Wow! He will be here so soon! So excited for you!

  2. wow!! I can't believe how soon he will be xoxo

  3. Wow! That's very soon! How exciting.