Sunday, March 17, 2013

CD1, Sponsored Post: Future's So Bright...

Guess who has fulfilled the dream of prescription sunglasses? This girl!

Firmoo contacted me the day after I was laid off, asking if I would be interested in reviewing a pair of prescription sunglasses and I jumped at the chance. I had been saying for years that I wanted a pair but never seemed to have the funds to do it. So, a big Thank You! to Firmoo for the opportunity, especially during a time when I was really down.

I have to say, the Firmoo website was pretty easy to use. All I had to do was contact my eye doctor to receive my scrip and then type the info into the Firmoo system. I was able to upload a headshot to virtually try on the frames, simple enough. Really, the hardest part of the whole process was picking just one pair! The sunglasses took a little longer to ship than I had hoped, but they arrived in time to accompany me on a trip to the mountains last week. Woo!

All in all, working with Firmoo was a great experience. They provide a First Pair Free program customers and a great Help Page. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post with the hott prescription sunglasses above. However, all opinions are my own and without bias. Thanks!


  1. Adorable! Prescription sunglasses make driving this time of year so much nicer!

  2. Those are great!! Firmoo also contacted me. I tried to do it, only to discover that my prescription was too strong and they reneged on their offer!!!! So sad haha. :) But I'm glad it worked out for you!!!

    1. Oh no! Mine is just on the brink of being too strong - my eye doctor has warned me that I can't get prescription sunglasses with too much of a wrap-around look or it will through off the correction of my astigmatism. Ouch!