Friday, March 29, 2013

CD13: Things that make you go, hmm.

Do you have someone in your life who seems to know things before they happen? Who, when they say something, you know to really listen and take it to heart?

I do.

I've been up front here about being a Christian and believing that the Bible is true. 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 talks about spiritual gifts, one of which is the gift of prophecy. While there are many Biblical tests of a prophet, the two that stand out to me are these:
  • Do they consistently give glory to God (through their life lived for Him and for the revelations given to them to share)?
  • Does what they say actually happen?

With my friend, both of these are true. He lives for God whole-heartedly and praises the Lord when what he says actually happens.

Now, this man has never called himself a prophet or claimed that anything he says is a prophecy. It has just worked out that the far-fetched (to me) things he says actually happen. Now, if this most recent statement doesn't happen, what does that mean about my understanding of his gift? I don't know. The Bible tells us that it is possible for a prophet to speak presumptuously. And that, if that happens, to be on guard for any other prophecies this person may make.

Of course, he's never called anything he says "a prophecy", so it may just be me who needs to reconsider my assessment of the situation...

My friend has made several statements about my life, and my life with R - things that I swore would never happen - and each one has inevitably come true. While his latest statement seems even further from possibility than any of the others, I know to listen. To take it seriously.

So far, everything I've heard from him has happened. I would like this one to be true, too.

In the spirit of full disclosure:

After my divorce six years ago, I swore to my friend I would never get married again. He told me that R and I would be married within a year. Nine months later, we were married.

After R and I were engaged, I swore to my friend that I never wanted to have another child. He told me that R and I would have a child together. Within a month of marrying R, I wanted a child with him more than anything. Even after R's vasectomy, my friend continued to tell me that R and I would have a child together.

(He has also told me how things would go down with Little K's father. He has been accurate in every statement he has made about that situation, too.)

Four years later (just six weeks ago), I spoke to my friend again. He told me that his wife was pregnant with the son he had envisioned and of telling her she was pregnant with a boy before she had even taken a pregnancy test. For the record, they have three girls together and the recent 18-week ultrasound confirmed that this new child is a boy.

During that same conversation, I told my friend that R and I were pursuing ART. My friend immediately told me that we would have two children, a boy and a girl.

With only a 20% chance of a pregnancy with this IUI, plus the fact that we are not doing stims, the chance of a fraternal twin pregnancy is extraordinarily slim. But, with this friend, I know to take note of what he says.

I'm looking forward to seeing if the upcoming follicle scan shows two follicles measuring close in size...


  1. Wow.... I hope your friend is right :)

    Also, thanks for posting those verses on my blog yesterday. I love them!

  2. Heavy.

    You sure do seem to be on the right track. How I hope he is right.

  3. What a wonderful spiritual gift to have!! Sometimes I wonder if I have any ;)

  4. Best of luck with this IUI, and happy Easter!

  5. Wow, very interesting. I sure do hope he is right. A boy and a girl would be double the blessings!