Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Etsy Day: Wine!

Rustic Wine Rack

wooden apple crate

Personalized Wine Stopper

Monogrammed Wine Tote

Etched Stemless Wine Glasses

Caloric Cuvee: The calorie counting wine glass


recycled wine bottles

ten fabulous fragrances

Portable Outdoor Wine Table

Wine Barrel Lazy Susan

Wine Barrel Head Tray

Wine Barrel Serving Platter

Wine Bottle Hanging Tea Candles

Wine Bottle Votive Hurricane Lanterns

Cabernet Wine Barrel Pet Bed

Wine bottle bird feeder

Champagne Cork Cocktail Ring

Cufflinks Recycled Wine Cork


And The Wild Card:

women's wine maxi dress



  1. Love the wine barrel pet bed!

  2. I want them ALL!!! Such cute stuff!

  3. I like the outdoor wine table. What a good idea! I also love the wine barrel serving tray. We saw those in napa and they were actually stained burgundy from the wine. But they were really really expensive!

    The wine barrel pet bed reminds me of one at a local winery we go to, where the vineyard dog sleeps IN a wine barrel. :)