Thursday, March 28, 2013

CD12: Feelings, whoa-whoa-whoa

Our Journey Through This Lovely Life and I seem to be on a similar calendar right now and she has managed to sum up my feelings about this cycle perfectly.

I'm currently sitting in my office, surrounded by furniture we've purchased for the guest room/nursery. All we are waiting on right now is the outcome of this cycle so we know whether to purchase a crib or a new headboard. I look at these pieces and can't help smiling. Although we picked them out specifically so they could work for either scenario, they were purchased with our hopeful child in mind.

Our child.

R and I have been talking a lot about the reality of this cycle. How it's no longer something that is months away - it's really happening! We received shipping notification of our vial yesterday and it will be arriving at the clinic tomorrow. I will have our fist follicle check as early as Tuesday of next week. In less than 10 days, our IUI will be done and I could possibly be pregnant! (Although we wouldn't know yet...)

I'm in the place of really believing this is going to work. Each time I've gone in for an appt, the cost is higher than what we were originally quoted by the finance office, yet God continues to provide the funds. R's outlook has taken a definite positive turn and he's opening up about the possibility of a positive result in a way I've never seen before. I look at my abdomen and can so easily picture the fullness that we are hoping will come. I look at our life and can see the little one we are hoping for.

I think hope pray it's going to work.

I'm losing myself to hope right now and it feels so good!


  1. Almost go time. So excited for the possibilities of this cycle. Fingers crossed for you!

  2. Love that.... "losing myself to hope" :)

  3. YES-- such a good line, 'losing myself to hope.' I need to do that more. :)

  4. We can all stand to lose a little of ourselves to hope. What a great feeling! Hoping for the very best for you!

  5. Hoping so hard for you that this cycle is the one.