Wednesday, March 27, 2013

CD11: Excited!

Yesterday was so exciting! I'm going to have to go with bullets this morning:
  • To prep for the HSG, I took two 600mg mega pills of ibprofen and an acid controller.When we pulled into the parking lot, I took a valium leftover from R's surgery and a stool softener since narcotics constipate me. I figured I would have time for that little pill to kick in before the procedure but it totally didn't. They had me back in the room so fast that I didn't start to feel the effects until we were getting back in the car to leave! Grr. Talk about a waste! Oh, well, glad I didn't need it.
  • The HSG was a breeze! Maybe it was because I endured an unmedicated cervical biopsy in January, but the the cramping when inserting the catheter was not a big deal. I did look over my shoulder as they did the x-rays and it was very cool to watch the images come up. Dr. C pronounced everything clear and open, ready to go. Woo!
  • As soon as we got home, I went online and ordered our DS. Talk about a big moment! If I hadn't still had the valium in me, I would have been bouncing off the walls. R and I shared long embrace after that... We are both surprised and excited that this is really happening!
  • Our vial is shipping today and will arrive at our clinic on Friday. Woooo!
  • After we ordered the vial and stocked up on iced tea, my mom and I decided to take a drive while the valium wore off. We ended up visiting the country hospital that R and I have been considering for delivery, if all goes well. It's a larger building than I expected but still a very small facility - only 62 beds in the whole building. We decided to go in and scope out the cafeteria, etc. and were pleasantly surprised. The the food looked and smelled wonderful! There is also a large vending area with decent coffee for R, which is a plus for him. On a whim, we asked the receptionist if we could visit the birth center, and she said yes! The birth center is located in a private section of the second floor and the nurses were very kind. They didn't have any moms laboring or babies in the nursery that day - they were completely empty! They were up front about only delivering 30-35 babies per month and about not having a NICU. However, the nurse who gave us the tour informed us of their certifications, which includes newborn infant stabilizing for transit to another hospital with a NICU. They have four labor/delivery/recovery suites in a u-shape with the nurses station and nursery in the center. Additionally, they have four smaller rooms off an adjacent hallway in the event the four suites are occupied. They also have a private elevator down to the operating room in case a c-section is required. This is the same hospital with delivery rights for the midwife practice I've been considering. All in all, I was very pleased with the facility. As long as we are cleared as having a low risk for complications, etc. I would be comfortable there. (You know, if the IUI is successful.)
  • Oh! And R wants to be sure that I mention the directions to the facility include: turn left at the Monster Truck van and turn right at the armory with the Howitzer out front. (OMG, I really do live in the country...)
So, there we have it. Tuesday was a great day and, with our vial shipping today, Wednesday is looking pretty good, too. Even as we went to bed last night, R was being so sweet, saying "We might have a baby..." Aww!

Who knows - this might actually work!


  1. Awesome!! All good news, sounds like the start of a great day!

  2. YAY!! I am glad everything went well! Whooorayyy for open clear and ready to go!!