Tuesday, March 26, 2013

CD10, TTC Tuesday: HSG Day

My HSG is scheduled for 10:00 AM EST today. I've got my mom, my knee socks, and painkillers. Let's do this!

Although nervous about any pain during the procedure, and the possibility of finding out that my tubes are not open, I'm actually very excited. This is one of the final steps before our IUI! As soon as we receive confirmation that my tubes are open, we will set the date for my first pre-ovulation ultrasound and order the sample from the cryobank. I finally feel like it's really happening!


In other news, the past few days have bee... Well, you'll see:
  • At church on Sunday morning, our pastor sadly announced that the six-month old daughter of one of our church families abruptly passed away in her sleep last week. I just... wow. There aren't even words in my vocabulary for something this terrible. I know that the IF community is full of loss, from miscarriage to stillbirth and even after to disease or accidents, but to be brought back to the fact that SIDS is still a real thing and hits this close to home? My heart hurts for them and all of us.
  •  My parents texted us on Sunday afternoon to let us know a tornado just ripped through the town I grew up in. So far it appears that there has been no loss of life, however property was destroyed, including a portion of my parents' back yard. They said it blew up out of nowhere, from gray skies to black in minutes and then destruction. We are lucky that no one was hurt. It does scare me to know the state of the house Little K and I rented after my divorce. That tiny thing would not have survived the tornado. At any rate, the power is still not back in the little town and Little K is traveling there with my mom for spring break tomorrow. I'm really hoping that everything is cleaned up by the time they land tomorrow afternoon!
  • And then my sister went to the ER around 3:00 AM Monday morning and was found to have a gallbladder infection. She had laproscopic surgery Monday morning and is at home resting now. Of course, with the painkillers, she was not able to nurse month-old Baby M for about 24 hours, so there are concerns about milk supply. Hopefully she has a quick recovery and is able to re-establish a regular nursing routine.
What a mess, huh? Prayers for all are appreciated. Thank you!


  1. Prayers for all of these things!

    Good luck at your HSG appointment!!

  2. Good luck today! :) I was nervous for my HSG and it turned out to be nothing like I expected! Just breath and keep yourself calm and it will be over before you know it! Sending prayers for everything!

  3. You'll do great today!! So scary about the tornado and the baby dying-- such sad news. :(

  4. Today!! Praying for all these things and can't wait to hear how it all goes :)

  5. Good luck with your appointment, you must be getting so excited that the time is getting close for you!!

    I am so sorry to hear someone in your church lost their baby to SIDS... that has got to be one of the hardest things in the world to go through, so very sad...

  6. Hoping things get better for everyone. Sorry about the loss of the baby in your church. My heart goes out to them.

  7. Wow you guys have been through a lot lately! It always breaks my heart when I hear about babies dying. I hope your parents get power back soon. Tornadoes scare me to death! I'm thankful we don't have very many here. Hoping your sister makes a quick recovery and there are no problems with her milk supply!