Monday, October 29, 2012

Time Change, Tradition, Temping, Toss Up

Still with the alliteration. Heh.
Moxie reminded me that the time change is coming up. If I remember correctly, “Fall Back” is the good one. Although it will be getting dark earlier, the sun being up in the morning makes Little K such a pleasant and cooperative child. Hooray!
My parents were with us this weekend and brought us a lovely new toy: A pressure cooker! It was commissioned with my hands-down favorite meal from my Dad – short ribs with mushroom gravy. OMG. The short ribs just fall apart and the sauce is good on everything. Case in point? We ate the gravy over fresh biscuits on Sunday and I’m having it over scrambled eggs today. BEST. Not to mention my mom made her delicious rainbow chard with bacon and smoked gouda “mashed” cauliflower. *swoon* I’m still a little afraid of this thing, but I’ll be using it to make collards for Thanksgiving this year.
We took Little K to Hillridge Farm on Saturday and carved pumpkins:

Mom and Dad took Little K Saturday night so R and I could have a date. Yay! We had a delicious evening at Melting Pot, where I broke my diet for cheese and chocolate fondue. So totally worth it. I took Little K to see Hotel Transylvania on Sunday and did some Christmas/birthday window shopping at Target. And then Dad made curry beef stew last night. SO MUCH EATING! They’ll be back again for Thanksgiving. Hooray!
Tonight is BSF. We missed last week due to lack of sleep on Sunday night. I’m not sure about tonight. My parents left this morning. Little K was understandably upset but I was able to cheer her up pretty well before I left for work. We’ll just have to see how the day goes. If she has a tough day at school or is moody tonight, I’ll probably keep her home and get her to bed a little early. I hate to miss class but I don’t want to set her up for a hard week at school.
I’m continuing to temp but it’s getting harder to find the motivation each morning. I may just be doing it out of stubbornness at this point. While it is nice to see what’s going on and learn about my body, the chances of it being helpful in a reproductive sense are slim to none. I’m mostly okay with that. It was a tug on the heart on Saturday to see all the baby-wearing moms at Hillridge. Nine weeks to a decision.
One more thing: this coming Saturday is the last day for early voting in our county. R and I have been talking about skipping voting since our votes will cancel each other this year, but as I have thought about it I’ve realized that I want to be counted. I want to stand up for what I believe in, even if it “won’t count”.
I understand that everyone has an opinion about this election. It’s weird for R and I to be on opposite sides of the ballot this year but I’ve realized that each of us has our one BIG issue, the issue that will decide our vote. I’m not here to change anyone’s mind. I just want to encourage you to go out and vote. Even if you feel your vote doesn’t matter or that it will be cancelled out by a friend or partner (*waves hand*) – please vote. Stand up for what you believe in.

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