Monday, October 1, 2012

Thoughts and Things: A Non-Baby Update

So, it’s been a while. The baby crazy has really been up and down since ovulation and I haven’t been able to settle my mind enough to make sense of it all. Right now, I’m just looking forward to my period starting – theoretically tomorrow. I want a break from the hormones!
I hate seeing my blog hanging out here without new content, so here’s a list of what I’ve been up to that isn’t baby related. Enjoy!
Seasonal Decorating
It may just be the Southern Living magazine subscription talking but it is my perception that a true Southern Woman celebrates each season with home accessories. I attempt to embrace the culture a little more every year (and, certainly, do so with a smile), so Little K and I went shopping this weekend for autumnal decorations. Our finds included three faux pumpkins for the front porch in Australian blue, mini white, and tall orange; a set of rustic glazed and wire gourds for the mantel; a fall leaves table runner; and pinecone, pomegranate, and moss pumpkin filler for the dining centerpiece. We also crafted it up with a pennant banner proclaiming “Autumn” above the fireplace. Not a bad days’ work if you ask me.
This weekend we took the plunge and mapped out the redesign of SSA’s bedroom into a guest room. R has definitely decided to take the reins on this project, although it helps that my dad is coming this weekend. We tossed the AWFUL hutch above the dresser, moved the television, and pulled all of the art off the walls. I went up into the attic and pulled out the beautiful vintage patchwork quilt and shams (so southern!) that we picked up at an antique shop three years ago. And we picked up new curtain rods. R is filling nail holes today and picking up paint for the walls. Little K and I are heading to Home.Goods and Pier1 for some simple art and foliage this afternoon. Taping everything on Tuesday, painting on Wednesday, and decorating on Thursday before my dad arrives. It will certainly be a fast turnaround!
We also tackled R’s office this weekend. The closet was cleaned out, our Japanese futon set (given to us by Okasan four years ago) was moved to the attic, and the metal and glass desk was posted on Craigs.list and replaced with the wooden desk from SSA’s room. Don’t you love redecorating without spending a cent?
At the height of baby crazy last week, I came across a video tutorial for the best homemade cloth diaper! Middle, middle, middle and now I have the pattern and fabric to try making one myself. If this first one turns out well, I will be sending it to BecomingBrina for the little niece she is cooking up for us. I hope this is just the first in a long line of adorable projects!
Christmas Presents
I am so proud of myself on this one. I have ordered Christmas presents for: my mom and dad; BecomingBrina, J, and Baby M; bestie W; and started gathering stocking stuffers for Little K, R, and the boys. Booyah! I also picked up NC State yarn (variegated red and grey) to crochet a little something for R and a seriously thick crochet needle to finally make the scarf I bought yarn for two years ago. Just so pleased!
Weight and Such
I finally bit the bullet and went back to the only diet that has ever worked for me: low carb. Bleh. I hate low carb, specifically because I LOVE carbs. But my weight has gotten out of control. I had an honest talk with R about how I was feeling about my body and we agreed it was time. As of today, I’ve been doing low carb for a week and I’ve already dropped 8 pounds. I know that’s mostly water weight, but it is SO nice to see the scale drop under my pre-pregnancy weight again!
The first two weeks are certainly the worst but it gets much better after that. I’m really focusing on taking out carbs without adding a lot of fat. I’ve been trying to eat “whole foods” the past six months and really like how healthy it makes me feel; I hate the idea of replacing real food with processed substitutes. So I’m focusing on simple things like replacing the bread in my lunch with veggies, changing from bottled iced coffee to homemade, and just plain not serving myself the starch at dinner, whether that’s rice, potatoes, pasta, or tortillas. The only real substitutions I’ve made are Carb.Smart ice cream (I have to have something sweet at the end of the day) and At.kins protein bars (when I just *need* something that tastes like candy).
I started at 159 and am down to 152. The plan is to stay on Phase One (<20 carbs/day) through the first of the year (with a semi-pass for Thanksgiving Day) to get to the goal of 135. If this plays out as it did before, I will be able to start slowly adding healthy carbs back in at that time until it’s up to <30/day.
The worst part is the baked goods. Baking is one of my biggest stress relievers, especially around the holidays. I’m not sure how to make it through Thanksgiving and Christmas without baking a whole mess of cakes and cookies! It will be interesting to see how that plays out.
We’ve taken to calling this whole subject (temps, charting, baby making…) the elephant – as in the elephant in the room. I am currently on CD41/14DPO and, if Fertility.Friend is to be believed, my period should start tomorrow. I’m looking forward to sharing the final chart with you. I can safely say that temping is nothing like I expected.
So there’s all the crazy, jumbled mess from the past week or two. It may not be deep or insightful but I am happy to say that it is life and it is good, with or without another child. Here’s hoping it just keeps getting better!

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