Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pink Slips

Today is another tough day. Our office had five unexpected layoffs last Thursday and our satellite office had another four. Management announced on Friday that they will be ready to provide a comprehensive review by Thursday of this week - tomorrow. Many of the remaining associates believe that additional layoffs will be happening at the end of the day today.
All you have to do is walk the halls here to see the effect this is having on everyone. People are downcast, slow to laugh or even talk to each other, quietly typing away. The layoffs were a complete surprise and there is no way of knowing who is next.
I have a bit of insight into the process but the additional knowledge doesn’t make it easier. The worst part is that whole positions that are being eliminated. In this situation, it isn’t about the person, their performance, or the value they bring to the company; it is solely based on whether or not the job description was found to be expendable.
It’s hard to get any work done, knowing that your performance no longer has bearing on your job stability. I think everyone is just waiting to see what tomorrow brings.
In the interim, I’m sure people are looking for other options. It would be foolishness to know that your company is downsizing and not search for outside employment. I have a feeling that, even after the layoffs, we will see people leave for new opportunities.
In speaking with my former boss, she and I came to the same thought: God knows. He knew these layoffs were going to happen and He will provide. That goes for everyone here, she and I included. In a way, it’s comforting to know that these decisions have already been made and are out of our hands. I know we are all anxiously awaiting the end of the day.
I feel like Dolly in A League of Their Own, when the government telegram carrier comes in without a name. She watches Jimmy walk toward her and another woman. The woman shrinks in on herself, glancing worriedly at Dolly; Dolly takes a deep breath and straightens her shoulders. She’s scared but not afraid. Dolly knows that whatever the message is, good or bad, she will take the news with dignity.
Who knows where the week will take us. Prayers for all are appreciated.

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