Sunday, November 10, 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 10: Scripture Sunday - Link

I've been reading and rereading this post from E, Myself, and I for several days now. I haven't quite been able to put my thoughts together in a coherent way yet, but I found some of her statements very moving and it caused me to view things in a new light. Still mulling it over.

If you want a great read, I would definitely recommend going to check it out!


At Allume, Melanie Shankle taught from 2nd Samuel chapter 7, about King David.  She said, "God DOES give us more than we can handle... This teaches us who He is and forces us to rely on Him.  HE can handle it... God did not choose David because he knew he would be perfect.  He chose him because he knew would mess up and have to rely on God."
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