Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday Living and Goal Setting

This past weekend was a study on contradiction. Saturday was overcast and cold, requiring yoga pants and the fireplace. Sunday was sunny and warm, requiring shorts and ice tea.
Saturday was blankets and video games. Sunday was floppy hats and gardening.
You would think that Saturday would have been perfect for chores since we were stuck inside. But you would be wrong. Instead, I was just plain worthless. Didn’t clean, didn’t cook, didn’t even read. Blah. Cold Spring days get me down.
But Sunday was a whole different story. I cleaned, I crafted, I gardened.

Pictured: Crafting (and Snow Globe Collection)

Floors were swept and tables were polished. The Spring banner for the mantel is now complete.

Pictured: Spring has Sprung

Daylilies were divided and wildflowers were planted. Groceries were purchased and dinner was made. Somehow Little K decided to try seven new kinds of fruit while helping me prepare fruit salad.

Pictured: Fruit Salad (and Birdie Plates, Squee!)

I don’t know how it happened but, Lord, please make every day a Sunday.
I have decided to add a new feature on Mondays: Weekly Goals. These goals are to be practical and attainable. They will either be focused on health, parenting, relationships, or housekeeping. I am hoping that setting these goals will help me make small changes that will result in a less stressful life.
My goals for the week are:
Get at least half of Little K’s homework done before Thursday.
Cook the meals that I have planned.
Eat the fruit salad instead of cookies.

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  1. Lovely banner! And I like your goal ideas, but wouldn't the third one be better as: Eat the fruit salad as well as the cookies? Balance ;)