Monday, April 16, 2012

Week on the Wild Side: In Words and Pictures

Little K and SSA spent Spring Break with their other parents, leaving R and I home.
For eight days.
Ya’ll, it was awesome!
Little K and I flew to Florida to spend time with my parents before she joined her father for the rest of her vacation. I love being with my mom and dad! We spent four days talking about the big stuff and the fun stuff, lounging by the pool, and indulging in some truly delicious food.
And they gifted me with these birthday treasures:

Hand Sewn Coasters from Hawaii, Toffee Chocolate Macadamia Nuts, Blooming Tea and Carafe, “Then Sings My Soul”: A book of hymns and devotions/history for each.
(I have to mention the birthday card they gave me: “The beautiful one who stole our hearts from the minute we first saw you, the little girl who knew how to make us smile, who’s growing up into a woman who makes us proud. We’re even more thankful to God for you today than that first day He let us finally meet you face to face.” ALL OF THE TEARS.)

The View from my Desk: Lots of Love!
My parents, by the way, are too cute! I drifted off on the chaise one evening only to wake up a few minutes later to them punning, quipping, and generally teasing each other mercilessly. I loved listening to them still cracking each other up after almost 40 years of marriage!
I flew back Sunday afternoon to R, birthday boy extraordinaire. Our birthdays are only eight days apart and, this year, R’s landed on Easter. After picking me up from the airport, we grabbed a late lunch, went home to unpack and unwind, and then headed out to Easter/Birthday dinner. Like, on a date! Without kids or anything!
When you bring children into a new marriage, alone time becomes a foreign concept.
(OH! And the very next day, a dear friend in Florida announced the birth of a baby girl. Happy Birthday, Emma Beth! I love you too much to post the minutes-old picture. You’re welcome.)
We have been doing all of the things one can’t do (or at least, I struggle to do) with young children in the house. We have been trying new recipes, going out in the evening, armchair traveling, and luxuriating in long baths.
And then R goes and builds this in less than 72 hours:

I tell you, I am the luckiest girl in the world! Who else has a husband who builds his wife a pergola, just because??
Oh, right – my mother.
Which brings me right back to…
While I was in Florida, I was sitting on the counter in my folks’ kitchen having a conversation about marriage. My dad asked how things were going and I replied, “Before, I didn’t think that a marriage like yours and mom’s was even possible. Now I have it and I still can’t believe how blessed I am.”
Thank you, mom and dad, for showing me what marriage is supposed to look like. Sorry it took me so long to figure it out.

I love you!

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