Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wipe(d) Out

Good morning! How is everyone? Good? May I offer you tea or coffee before we begin?
The last week has been nuts. Between hormones and pregnancy announcements and baby showers, I am just wiped out. Add to that an onset of cold and rainy here in NC, a quarter cup of crazy workload, and a heavy pinch of adrenaline, and my friends, we have a recipe for getting absolutely nothing accomplished.
I did one and a half loads of laundry over the weekend (the second load is still in the dryer) and called it victory.
The biggest kick came Sunday night when I was offered my dream job. Everything I want, everything I want to do, everything I love. When I talk about long term goals for me, my career, and my family, this job is it. Unfortunately, the job requires that we relocate which is just not possible at this time. I spoke with the owner and we came to a decision that allows me to be involved peripherally for the next few years and readdress remote support and/or relocation as the opportunity presents.
But man oh man, how I wish I could jump in with both feet right now.
The emotional rollercoaster over the last two days has left me completely drained. The only thing that got me out of bed today was knowing that I’m hosting the baby shower for my coworker in two hours and bailing on that would be social suicide. Not to mention that I did some crafting for the event and want to show off my hard work.
I owe you guys a post about National Infertility Awareness Week and my opportunity to share some insight into infertility at the office yesterday. And some pics of the cute baby shower craft. Stay tuned!

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