Friday, January 24, 2014

34 Week Quickie

The Stats:
  • 2 lb weight gain in two weeks, not too shabby
  • Blood pressure 87/55, fantastic
  • TDAP Booster Received
  • Fundal Height 35 cm, measuring one week ahead
  • Aaron's heart rate in the 150s
  • Belly button has become completely flat but hasn't fully popped... yet
  • Still no stretch marks
The Plan:
  • Preemptive appointment with Lactation Consultant at 36 weeks
  • Complete birth preference edits and provide at 36 weeks appointment
  • Get back into walking daily, despite the cold weather (zero degrees with wind chill? NOOP)
  • Begin researching dairy-free recipes in preparation for breastfeeding
  • Sign up for new mothers ministry at church
It's late here - signing out!!