Tuesday, February 12, 2013

TTC Tuesday

Sorry for freaking out yesterday. I'm feeling much better now.

I was able to call customer service on the insurance plan we wanted and they clarified a few things, the best being that maternity coverage kicks in right away!!! Basically, as long as I'm not pregnant when we complete the application, we are okay. So! That, combined with the work travel in November, means we will cycle March/April 2013. Woo-hoo!!!

As for work, it's going pretty well. I definintely have the skill set for this job, so it is just a matter of learning the new platforms. I am very pleased with the list of tasks they assigned me for the first week and feel that the learning curve should be brief.

I did take the time to share with the owner of the company our TTC plans. Granted, I didn't mention them during the interview process, but the topic came up rather naturally in conversation over the weekend and I didn't want to lie by ommission. The owner reassured me that they are a family-friendly company and appreciated our willingness to delay TTC so I could still travel in November. I reassured her in turn, letting her know that I do enjoy working and wasn't using the company as a crutch until we have a baby (not that she thought I would, I just felt it important to lay it all out). So all is well there.

Although I have kept up with taking myprenatal each night, in order to be completely transparent in this space, my eating has SUCKED since I was laid off. And I quit working out. Ugh. But! Last night I worked the weights for 20 minutes and practiced some of my basics from karate. It felt SO good to punch things! Just throwing a few and my arms were screaming: this is it! This feels so right!
I definitely need a punching bag.

I also knocked out 40 situps last night and ran when I got up this morning. Woot! Today's eating plan is:
  • ice water, greek yogurt
  • veggie burger, veggies with light ranch
  • fruit
  • garlic chicken, mashed "potatoes", salad
  • greek yogurt
In other news, all of the stress and poor eating has ripped my digestive track to shreds. Thank goodness I work from home now or else I would feel really awkward...

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things over here and get back on commenting daily. I really appreciate you ladies sticking with me the past two weeks!


  1. Sorry you had a bad day , but glad you got things figured out! Congrats on the new job!