Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TTC Tuesday

I mentioned in Monday's post that a work-from-home position was our big prayer as we decided to move forward with TTC. Since God has (amazingly!) given us this opportunity, TTC feels so... real.

R and I were talking last night after putting Little K to bed. On paper, the odds haven't changed. We still only have a 15% chance of success with a single DS cycle. But God has answered so many of our prayers (coming together on TTC, working from home, finances) that all of a sudden 15% feels HUGE!

I know that everyone expects treatment to work. Why else would you do it, right? But I really feel that this could work for us. Before, 85% looked in surmountable. Like this cycle working would be more than a long shot, just an opportunity to thrown away $1400. But now? That 85% pales in significance to this Great God we serve.

The God who has paved the way for TTC in our marriage! The God who has provided employment to meet our best-case scenario in an economy that is still recovering! The God who has given us a relationship with a fantastic clinic who is assisting us with a low-tech cycle free of charge!

Our God is so BIG! So much bigger than 85%.

Thank you, Lord, for providing infinitely more than we can ever ask or imagine. Please continue to prepare our hearts for the outcome of this cycle. You already know the result. And You know what is best. Thank you for hope. Thank you for Your provision. Thank you for the assurance of Your love. You are so good!

And extra cute little song for the beginning of the week. Our God is so BIG!


  1. I am a walking example that those numbers don't mean alot of anything :) I am hoping for the best for you guys in the coming months.

    1. Thanks so much! Those numbers are nothing compared to God!

  2. Ephesians 3:20! Great verse! Hope this is the cycle for y'all!