Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Friday, Week 1

As we speak, I'm on my way to VA for training. Woo!

I'm taking part in Fashion Friday for the first time. Really, this is just an attempt to keep my mind off the current cycle.

In my previous position, we had a business formal dress code. My work wardrobe is very tailored, lots of heels; Calvin Klein is featured heavily. We had "casual day" once per quarter, which simply meant that you could wear jeans that day. Very strict.

I work from home now, so it's totally casual. Even my days on site for the new job are business casual, which doesn't even compute any more. I really value comfort in my casual wardrobe. My stomach has been very sensitive lately, so fitted is out and stretchy is in. The scarves bring in some much needed color near my face and cover the bloat.

In putting together these photos, I've noticed that most of my casual clothes come from Target. And that I definitely have a winter uniform. Oh well!

Criticism is certainly welcome. Enjoy!


  1. You love scarves as much as I do! They are my favorite way to spice up an outfit. Right now I'm really into the infinity scarves. My work outfits really fit into three categories: Business professional - kinda boring, mostly from Express or Banana Republic, but I look professional/classy; Messy Casual - usually cords or colored jeans (gray, black, etc) and a t-shirt and scarf, this is my go-to on "tired days"; or my new Maybe-Too-Sexy-For-Work look - which consists of a skirt or leggings with a long shirt and some heels or boots. I wear those outfits on days like today when I'm going out afterwards.

  2. I love the scarves!! I totally love the infinity scarf look too!! All of your pictures of scarves really made me want to go shopping too!!