Friday, February 15, 2013

The View from Here

My office is in the bonus room, above the garage. It's large with an angeled roof line and a small window. It is filled with books, games, and crafts. And a space heater, since it's pretty darn cold this time of year.

I set this room up to be a combo play-craft-guest space when we moved in. We built two punae (Hawaiian platform beds) and set them up in an L-shape for seating and sleeping. The reproduction Eames chair that my grandmother purchased for my grandfather is in the corner with a tiered wicker stand for photo albums. Three red lacquer bookcases overflowing with what remains of my library, a good portion being sold or donated over the course of three moves.

Potted palms, interesting lamps, baskets of puzzles, and my little wooden desk on a red bamboo mat. A koa canoo paddle and a pair of plumeria prints in matching frames. A quilting circle with orange paisley fabric stretched across it on the wall. Photos of tropical foliage from the Honolulu Zoo Fence art fair. An afghan crocheted by my great-grandmother thrown over the chair. Appliqued lumbar pillows in funky patterns. A jute rug with oversize flowers. Little K's old play table, a princess tent, and an Ikea art easel.

This is the room I work out of now. With bright turquoise walls, shiny red bookcases, and dark stained wood, this room reminds me of my grandparents' home in Hawaii, my family's old living room in Florida, and my little two-bedroom rental: bright and cheerful and full of hope. A combination of "make the best of it" and "aren't we lucky to have this life," this room is the leftovers. Pieces that didn't make the cut in the other parts of the house by either being too bright or too modern. Pieces that jump out at me and make me smile because they represent life to me. Hawaii, heritage, family...

Beds to jump on when Little K's excited or to visit on with my BFF on an early morning. A place for Little K to create or just to play while I finish up work. A place to do my Bible study in the morning or curl up with a book in the middle of the day. And my sewing kit and crochet bag in the corner, reminding me of projects I want to finish.

I also look at this room and see the future. Plenty of open floor space to set up a cradle swing. Corners that can be revamped for play space and kick gyms. The big chair with an ottoman for nursing. Two twin beds perfect for napping...

This week has been a challenge. I am having to really find my groove, focusing on long-term work projects while learning a new system. And it is a struggle to eat well at home. But I am reminded daily how lucky I am. Getting Little K up and out the door each morning is so easy now! I've been able to get out and run twice this week! And I get to be around my guy every day!

I am struck all over again by how different life is than I expected. I am so humbled and grateful that the Lord had every day of my life mapped out before I was born. And that HIS plan is the one that will prevail.

Lord, Thank you for all of Your many blessings. Thank you that You are in ultimately in control. Help me to trust You and remain patient as I wait for You to move. You are so very good. Amen.