Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Long Time, No Read

Funny how a week away from blogging can feel like a month, huh? I’m thinking that we’re facing bullets to catch up... This might be long.

TTC: I’m currently CD22 with no positive OPK. I switched to the First Response Digital Ovulation Kit this time and still nothing. I’ve never had a positive O-stick, actually, and that has me thinking. I’ve always had long cycles and am starting to wonder if I really am anovulatory, either some or most of the time. My temps are wild and only settle down a day or two before a shift, which is also strange.

All of this is on my mind of course because this is the last cycle (no, really!) before our DS cycle. We ran the new insurance at the clinic and, surprisingly, a few things really are covered! Although none of this is co-pay or anything, our consult is fairly reasonable and the ultrasounds are less than half of full price. Which is nice. Since IUI is not covered, we would still need to do the insemination(s) at home. Which causes some confusion in the billing office.

Technically, since we’re doing that at home, this is really a timed intercourse cycle. However, since we are using donor sperm -which is NOT covered by insurance- it could be considered IUI. Which means the billing office would need to enter the code for our consult and ultrasounds. Which would cause us to have to pay full price for all of the services. Which we can’t afford.


I’m sure all of this is not helping me ovulate this month. Since we’re only doing this once, I’m feeling a lot of pressure to make sure we are doing everything possible for success. I would hate to do everything else right and have my body fail by not actually ovulating. By doing the ultrasounds, I would have peace of mind knowing that there really is a well-developed follicle in there when we trigger. And that we’re not throwing $1400 of sperm at nothing.

Anyway, I have a call in to my coordinator to talk through everything and see if there’s a way we can bill it as timed intercourse without actually falsifying any documents. We’ll see. The consult is scheduled for Monday so we have until Friday of this week to figure everything out.

Weight: UGH. Don’t get me started. I totally suck right now. I ran a few times last week and then none this week. I lifted weights a couple times last week and then none this week. I ate okay a couple times this week and a little bit yesterday. BLAH. I haven’t gained any weight but I’m not losing either.

Having to delay by a month has really thrown me. I’m quiet. A little grumpy. Not motivated to eat right or exercise. Not motivated to even leave the house all that much. The only good thing I can say is that I’m still taking my prenatal vitamins.

And now I’m wondering if my lack of good food and exercise has caused my body to delay ovulation. Which is a slippery slope to self-hatred. Going to stop that now. I did, however, start taking my 5-HTP again and have been doing so daily for two weeks. I’ll need to stop once we hit CD1 again but, for now, it’s helping me get through the day better.

My Health: I’ve got to say this – my digestive track has been torn up for the past two weeks. YUCK. I drink about 8oz of water first thing in the morning and it leaves me nauseous for an hour. I’ve tried cutting back the intake, waiting until later in the day, room temp vs. cold… None of it works. The first thing to hit my stomach leaves me feeling gross. Trying to eat healthy the rest of the day is tough when you start out feeling so nasty!

The Job: I’m so grateful for a WAHM position! It’s hard to stay motivated when I’m not in an office environment but I’m working on it. I want my thankfulness for this opportunity to be evident in the work I do. It’s definitely an adjustment. I’m starting to get a few assignments, though, and that feels good.

R and I are having a pretty good time working from the house together. We have separate offices and just kind of do our own thing, slipping into the others' office every once in a while to chat. We do try to do one thing together every day (have lunch together, take a walk outside, grab a quick shower), which is nice.

Other Randomness: I am happy to say that R and I were social this weekend! Twice! Little K’s gymnastics held a Parent’s Night Out on Saturday and we hit a little wine bar with one married couple and one single parent from the gym. We had a total blast! These are folks that I’ve gotten to know over the past few months but it was R’s first time meeting them. He and the husband got along really well! Which thrills me; R doesn’t place a lot of value on outside friendships and so doesn’t have many guy friends. It was so great to see him hit it off with someone!

And then we had Hapa Hopes and her hubby over for a mini-Oscar party on Sunday. Check us out! Who knew that the spence house could do it twice in one weekend?! It’s always a little strange when two bloggers bring their husbands into the mix for a night, but I think everyone had a good time. It was really great to see Lisa again after almost a year! And to see her pregnant? YAY!!


That’s it for now. I’m trying to get back to posting and commenting more regularly. This delay has really bummed me out!


  1. Hang in there!!! I got all negatives on my strips this month and my temperature is being super weird!

    Glad the job is going well, how fun to work at the same place as your DH (and distracting too ;))

  2. That insurance business does sound confusing! I hope you get everything worked out so you don't have to pay any more than absolutely necessary.

    I feel you on the weight thing. I've gained 5 pounds since the beginning of January. Of course I went on a cruise during that time so I'm sure that's some of it, but I just feel like even eating better and moving more isn't doing squat.

    Have you tried taking something for nausea with your water in the morning? Perhaps get some of those Pepto chewables and take those 5-10 minutes before your water or something.