Friday, September 7, 2012

Truth in Advertizing

I spent Wednesday night in stress dreams, waking up for a few minutes then falling back to sleep only to pick up right where it left off. I was relieved when the alarm finally sounded, letting me know that I could temp and get out of bed.
After a full -fun but long- day on Thursday, I was worried about laying my head back on that pillow. So I took myself to the kitchen. A glass, ice cubes, some pink, a splash tonic, and a sprig of mint later, I was ready to relax. I tried taking it to bed with me but felt anxious as soon as I went into the room.
So I headed to the laptop instead.
This will be referred to as mistake number one.
I opened the screen, checked email and noticed an extra tab in the browser. Which was, of course, the baby gear page. Sipping on my drink, I scrolled through travel systems, pack and plays, high chairs, and bedding. In my insanity, I decided that I wanted to be surprised in the delivery room and settled on a gender neutral theme. My rational mind surfaced briefly and let me know that *clearly* it was time for bed.
Close the laptop, turn off lights, and head to bed with the remnants of a nightcap in my glass. Entering the bedroom, R looked up from his book, chuckled at the drink in my hand, and simply asked how I was doing.
Mistake number two.
Muttering about how vodka makes me honest, what followed was a slightly rambling monologue about owls, baby names, and paint chips. Poor R had a deer-in-the-headlights look about him by the time I was done. To his credit, though, he latched on to the baby names and we ended up spending 10 minutes at 10:30 pm on a Thursday night looking up names that start with “A” for the baby boy that has neither been conceived nor agreed upon to even pursue.
And then I slept like a rock for almost eight hours.
In case you were wondering, we have almost vetoed our top choice of Aaron because I pronounce it the same as errand. Tied for second place are Aiden and Archer.

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