Friday, November 4, 2011

Sarah’s Laughter

Sarah’s Laughter is an organization that offers support to those struggling with infertility and/or infant loss, and I came across their website while researching materials for a Christian infertility support group.

As an author and provider of daily e-devotionals called “Daily Double Portion,” Beth Forbus has been a source of comfort and inspiration. I am looking forward to the opportunity to obtain a copy of her book, “Baby Hunger,” and newly published Bible study, “Surviving Infertility: What the Bible Says about Your Baby Hunger.”

In the meantime, I would like to share two excerpts from October’s Daily Double Portion emails:

Sarah’s Laughter: Daily Double Portion 10-25-11

Hear Jesus, the friend who really is closer to you than a brother, as He reminds you, I am with you always. With you at work. With you at home. With you when you find out someone else is pregnant. With you when you find out you’re not. I am with you always.

Sarah’s Laughter: Daily Double Portion 10-21-11

Don’t let your connection to Jesus Christ become severed during your struggle with infertility.”

I am so grateful to know that I am not alone. The desire for a child can be isolating, especially since my husband and I have already made the decision to not pursue treatment.

When the baby-cravings are at their worst, God hears me.

When I speak to my husband about those feelings, He softens my husband’s heart so he can hear me without being offended or hurt, and gives me words that do not cast blame or assign guilt.

When I don’t know how or what to pray, the Holy Spirit “does [my] praying in and for [me], making prayer out of [my] wordless sighs, [my] aching groans.”

In answer to my prayers for another child, I have continually found myself pointed back to our current family:

I have a work schedule that allows me to spend more time with my daughter, and a husband who helps create exactly the family life I’ve always desired for her; I am learning how to better connect with my stepson and show affection to him; and God has been good to us, giving my husband the flexibility to know that I desire another child and the wisdom to understand that this is not a grudge I bear in our relationship.

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